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winamp skin for touchscreens

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  • winamp skin for touchscreens

    I've searched the faqs. I've searched the winamp pages. I can't seem to find a skin for winamp2 or winamp3 that meant for touchscreens (large buttons for scrolling through playlist, larger fonts, maximizing total screen area for functionality and not necessarily for looks, etc).

    Does anyone know where I can find one?


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    Arby's winamp 3 skin.
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      How can I get a hold of arby's winamp 3 skin? arby? do I do that?

      I did a search of the winamp3 site for skins by arby and nothing came up.


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        y u using winamp? surely mediacar is a nicer interface etc.. than winamps?

        just that i recently moved from winamp to mediacar thats all
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          Never mind about the arby winamp skin, I found it doing a search...duh.


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            What is mediacar?.....hold on, delay that question before I do another search on mediacar.

            I'm new to the mp3 player-in-a-car setup. So, right now I'm using winamp3. If there is something better out there I'm always open to using it.

            Is mediacar the same as media engine?

            I tried using media engine but I can't seem to successfully use it with a homemade java-based navigation system.


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              More info here---->


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                allow me to break it down for ya with the quick steps

                There are peeps that code thier own software and they share it some of them are built off of Windows Media Player (ME) and some are built off of winamp (MC) and others are something else cant remember the name of it (Frodo's Player)

                All in all in all up to how the software fills your needs
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                Originally posted by menudude
                thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                  he should rename it to Frodo's Jazz but I doubt he will
                  Originally posted by menudude
                  thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                    Actually. that sounds kinda gross to me.
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