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4am MUSIC Console 1.6 (HDD Jukebox Software)

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  • 4am MUSIC Console 1.6 (HDD Jukebox Software)

    The next release of 4am Music Console is now ready. 4am Music Console 1.6 adds many new features such as playlist support, resume playlist and playstate status on startup, command line support and more...

    Product Features
    • Browse your hard drive based CD collection, based on folders/directories
    • Use custom resolution display (included are common 4:3 AND 16:9 skins)
    • Display it in window mode (excellent for everyday player useage) or fullscreen mode (for the perfect HTPC player)
    • Completely modifiable skin structure, create your own layout of buttons and text, your own sizes for each button etc...
    • Use ANY type of files with 4am Music Console (you control the file extensions to be searched.)
    • Launch individual files into the default player
    • Launch the whole folder using a command line setup
      add files to playlist (based on command line directive)
    • Display cover art
    • Display thumbnail view of all CD's
    • Display Artist, Album, Date, and Genre information for each CD.
    • Auto read ID3 tag information from MP3's to generate above display.
    • Sort CD List display by Artist Name, Album Name, Date, or Genre.
    • Search/Jump to key points in your CD collection (section A, B etc... or if sorted by Genre jump to different Genre's from the pull-down list)
    • Hot Key support for every command
    • Embedded Player as well as support for external players (including full support for Winamp version 2.x)
    • easy to use setup program
    • built in visualizations (excellent for use on plasma screens)
    • NEW: Playlist support (you can now save and load your playlists from within 4am Music Console)
    • NEW: Command line arguments now allow you to specify which playlist to load on startup, as well as which root directory which to load.
    • NEW: Resume playstate and playlist on startup, allows you to turn off your computer, HTPC, carputer and resume playback of music right where you left off!

    New features, and changes in 1.6
    • + Volume Control buttons
    • + Volume control keyboard shortcuts (< = Volume Down, > = Volume Up)
    • + Playlist support (can now load and save playlists, all playlists loaded and saved to "Playlists" subdirectory in 4am Music Console install directory.)
    • + Playlist load and save keyboard control (: = load playlist, " = save playlist)
    • + Save playlist on exit, load last playlist on load, and continue play status on start. (Will now maintain it's play state, song playing and position when exits.) These options can be enabled/disabled from the setup program.
    • + Command line argument to load playlists (/p: <playlist filename>)
    • + Command line argument to set the program start directory/root directory (/r: <full path of root directory to use on start>).
    • fixed Quick Jump issue (worked in 1.2.2 and was broken in 1.5 - now fixed)
    • support older skin models
    • NOTE: Please check help files for full use of new features

    Screenshots of version 1.6 with the default "Brightness" skin
    Songlist View

    Playlist Editor View

    System Requirements
    • Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
    • 64 MB of free available system RAM
    • 4 MB of available disk space
    • IMPORTANT: 4am music console requires Microsoft® Windows Media Player™ Series 9 to be installed on your computer.
      Microsoft Windows Media Player 9

    For more information please visit Overnight Technologies, or the 4am MUSIC console webpage.

    Please post feedback and comments here, or alternatively on the Overnight Technologies Forums.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported and tried this program, we hope you enjoy this new release. Just to keep everyone updated 4am Music Console version 2.0 is still being developed however will take time. We hope your support will continue through to this release.

    Happy Holidays!
    Overnight Technologies

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    I'll update it on the features page I have.
    - Lwin M. Maung
    If it's stuck, force it. If it breaks it needed replacing anyway


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      For those looking to make a skin for 4am Music Console, there is now a tutorial available to help you get started. You can find it in the OvernightTech forums at:

      Hope to see some great skins, don't forget to submit them
      Overnight Technologies