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Problem and solution - Sound card keeping standby from occuring

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  • Problem and solution - Sound card keeping standby from occuring

    Hi All, just wanted to share with you a problem i ran into and a solution to the problem I came up with. I wanted optical out, but all I have is a dmx 6 fire LT sound card. Its a great sound card, but for some reason when winamp is running it will keep the system from being able to go to standby mode. I guess its the dmx driver which, when opened by an application, stops the standby process (windows even tells me that its the one stopping the standby). So I thought that if I could capture the standby notification, I could write a program which killed winamp, and then waited for it to exit. Then when the resume notification was sent it would respawn winamp. Luckily there are windows messages which are sent, so I copy and pasted together a c# program which will do just that. I found this program to be very useful, so maybe someone else will too. I could envision a nice ui and a per message event handler interface maybe.

    Warning I know nothing of c#, don't blast me for the codemanship ;P

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    Thanks psyclobe, I have been wandering how to detect resume for a while
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