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equalizer with 6 ch surround.....

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  • equalizer with 6 ch surround.....

    hi everyone. I am running a C134 case with M-9000 Motherboard and it has the capability to use the 3 mic jacks on the back as 6 Ch surround (FR/FL, RR/RL, Center/Sub). I am using the computer as a HU, but maintaining the stock amp/speaker setup except for my aftermarket amp/sub.

    my question is this: is there software to allow my equalizer to change the volume on the sub-out. sometimes the sub becomes overpowering for the music i am listening to, but all the EQs i see have a pre-amp level and a 7 or 9 band EQ, but no non-fading out. Is there a fader/NF out EQ software setup???

    Thanks for the help. If i am in the wrong part of the forums please let me know as this is partially a hardware question too i guess.

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