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  • MediaCar vs MediaEngine

    Hi at all...

    i'm planning to start building my carputer platform and i'm quite dubious about which software load for media managment.

    My best choices are MediaCar and MediaEngine (that i've seen to have a big diffusion here in the forum), but i haven't focalized which are the really differences between two them.

    I would to know from some people that have experience on both two which are the principal differences and the focal features of these two softwares.

    My carputer will be based on a EPIA MII 10000 mobo, a NaviPc gps sw, an Holus gps hw module, a Pinnacle or an Hauppage Tv+Fm tuner board, and obviously WinAmp and PowerDvd.

    So, which are the major differences between Media Car and Media Engine softwares??

    Thank a lot and my best compliments for this great site.It's very amazing.


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    Both are excellent,lots of hard word and many kudos to the authors.They both are members of this forum,so do not expect us to take too much side.
    Download both,try them,give lots of praise to both and then maybe use only one of then,but keep that to yourself.
    They are free,you cannot look a given horse in the mouth.


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      yeah, what he said.
      also, you dont have to wait till you get a carputer to check the software out, itll work on your regular pc so take both for a spin and see for yourself which one you like.
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        yes, they are both excellent pieces of software, it just depends on which one you prefer. Pick the best one for your needs!
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          Where can you download them might I be so ignorant as to ask lol
          Didnt see them in the Downloads page? unless I am blind *actually am in right but dont tell the local state police*


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            Why don't you try their respective subforums
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              *Walk to corner and slams head*

              Dunno why I didnt think of that since he said they are both members here I should have thought.. Sorry its almost 4:30am here and I am kinda rivited to my PC looking for ideas and suggestions for my CarPuter



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                try all the software from all the authers not just ME and MC. There is a lot of good stuff out there thats being done as I type this.

                I agree with everyone elese. Install both apps and download a few skins from both and see which one fits your needs.
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                  >Where can you download them might I be so ignorant as to ask lol

                  Lots here(apart from Media Engine) -

                  The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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                    i didn't start a fight between two software, of course.Only know some substancial differences, if they exist.

                    Now that i know that both are able to be runned on a normal pc surely i will try them, and also the others discovered thanks to last reply.

                    Thanks at all.


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                      use ME as default with MC as external app
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                        I have been playing with them on my PC.. and it seems that there based around Winamp (Mediacar) and Windows Media Player (MediaEngine)... I personally think both of them Kick ___....


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                          So what does one do, that the other one can't?
                          I am facing the same dilemma, I can't find out what the differences are between them by browsing the forums....

                          I don't think we are asking which one is "better"... but what are the differences? (Kinda like the debate between Firebirds and camaros... we all know that they are almost alike... neither one is better than the other, but they have different qualities (interior, body shape, upgrade packages, etc)
                          Here are a couple of questions:
                          Is one easier to skin than the other?
                          Does one support external apps better?
                          Does one support Hauppauge USB Tv-FM cards?
                          Does one support GPS software well?
                          Does one respond better to Windows XP, vs Win 2k, or 98 even?

                          Some of you have used both... Why are you using the one you have now?
                          Let the new peeps know what to expect!?

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                            O yea, btw, can someone list any other apps similiar to MC and ME?
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