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All EPIA Board Users READ!! (Boot Logos)

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  • All EPIA Board Users READ!! (Boot Logos)

    Ok making a boot logo is not for n00bs, it means editing your Bios and can kill your board if you get it wrong.
    Anyway this dude has a tool to extract the VIA Mainbaord picture from boot and then you can edit it in photoshop or paint if you want to then re-compress it an pack it back into a bios file that you then load to your motherboard
    Cool huh?

    Find info here

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    edit: im an idiot.

    thats very cool



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      actually it doesn't say if it will work on the new M series.. i have the via m10000. any ideas if it will?



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        any recent CBROM version will work on Epia M board. It will work on any Award 6 based motherboard. Do a google search.


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          Good refresher...

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            /me smacks hand
            Sorry, i did a search but missed that one

            Anyway this will work on the new M series (i know because i've got one)
            1 Thing however if you haven't updated to the latest Bios and have played with the TV Settings in the Bios be warned, that if your using a 17" screen and you have the TV settings set to CRT and 1024x768 your boot logo will look a little strange and 2K may me boot/login because windows don't like to have the loading screen at 1024x768... so after the flash set it back to 640x480.

            I had to re-install after my Bios flash.

            Heres a shot of the boot screen... sorry it looks crappy.. took it with my Phone (7250i)