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  • Microsoft the big secret

    edit: ok so they fixed it.. Well you when you are programming and the reference you want disappears on you.

    ok move along nothing to see here. OMG a dead link, everyone come closer get a better look....

    --original message --

    Ok this is a half flame. But I saved a KB article:

    HOW TO: Automate the MapPoint 2002 Control and Save the Map as HTML In Visual C# .NET
    (302898) - This step-by-step article describes how to automate the MapPoint 2002 control and save the map as HTML in Visual C# .NET. The MapPoint Control The Microsoft MapPoint Control 9.0 is an ActiveX control that is included with Microsoft MapPoint 2002. This...

    The key information is 302898, I saw that it was avaiable this morning, now I just get 'KB Article is not Available'.

    Maybe they are just updaing there computers, otherwise, don't know. It was with the older version..

  • #2;en-us;302898
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