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  • iCarMP3 alpha 2

    FOLKS I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK (specially if you got some dirt to say about it)

    here is an update, unfortonately i dont have a setup file ready yet for this,
    as there was no need, i just need few more suggestions for the design before i release beta 1 (look for it by monday)

    here is what i added so far since alpha 1.

    1. File Sync (top left button )
    2. Ability to remember last selected dir
    3. Mute button works
    4. 3 more buttons added
    a. show visualization (wmp default)
    b. full screen
    c. colour changer (not implemented) reserved for changing skins
    5. Position bar (lets you navigate through the current playing media)
    6. Movie file support (instead of having 2 players, i wil have one for both movie and music
    7. Supports Artits image change (if one exists in the selected directory)
    8. Colour change.

    here is an image.
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    Do you have a link to the download it from?


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      ALPHA 1

      ALPHA 2 is not ready yet (in all honesty i am to lazy to make a setup file)
      its almost 1 am here so ibetter get to sleep, work tomorrow, but i will definately get a lot done this weekend, so expect a full package of beta 1, by monday


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        I have that version. I'll look for A2 tomorrow. Good night.


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          Looks great, can't wait to try it.
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