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  • Brightness Console 1.0

    Hi all,

    Well after not finding a nice way to control the brightness of the screen regardless of what application is running. And not being able to find a solution that allowed for preset buttons and the ability to increase/decrease the brightness in steps, we decided to code our own small little solution.

    Here are some details:
    Features - Summary
    • Programmable buttons (up to 3 buttons to set specific brightness settings for quick activation)
    • Skinable interface
    • Option to keep the window on top
    • Ability to load a setting when the program is loaded, as well as save or reset the original setting when the program exits
    Please view the included help files for information on setting up the program.


    For more information on the program and how to download it, visit the Overnight Technologies website, or the Brightness Console information page.

    Please do provide feedback, thank you to all those who continue to support us.
    Overnight Technologies