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Using a Pocket PC for IR remote for CARPC

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  • Using a Pocket PC for IR remote for CARPC

    I am considering a pocket pc setup for my Carpc.
    The reason is so I can mount the screen in the back while being able to have controls all in the front and/or eliminate touchscreen conrtols from display screen. Eliminating the touchscreen from my display would definitely reduce the ever anoying glare, also my touch screen doesnt allways recognize my my touch correctly and sometimes it gets frustrating when I have to hit the same button 2 or 3 times. Plus the cool factor one more time.
    I have seen software for using a Pocket PC as a IR remote for your VCR and TV but not sure how to impliment this in to the carpc idea. I need to know the following.
    1)Compatible IR reciever for computer on USB port.
    2)Software to use for IR transmission from Pocket PC.
    3)Will it work with Girder
    4)A good but not to expensive pocket PC to use.

    I searched the forums and couldnt find satisfactory answers. But this would be one bad *** setup to get working.

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    That sounds cool. I hadnt thought of that. Id like to hear that.

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      I had been wondering about a CE device running a terminal services (RDP) client to remotely control a PC in the back, or use another screen shadowing app. Not sure what else is available for WinCE but there are some, and there are a few CE tablet devices around.


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        not really work it imho

        you can certainly do something like RemoteAMP over a WiFI or ether connection, but I think that my ipaq touchscreen to use for that type of application is too hard considering the buttons are so small

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          Originally posted by NightHunter
          I am considering a pocket pc setup for my Carpc.
          WIFI would give you many more options than IR. Have you looked into VNC?


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            If you are set on doing it the IR way here are some links to pocket pc software.
            All of these should be compatible with the IRMan, which works great with a USB->Serial adapter.
            Girder should work with this setup as well. I currently use IRAssistant with my IRMan, but am considering moving to Girder due to problems with IRAssistant inexplicably stopping working occasionally. IRAssistant is 'kinda' compatible with USB IRDA adapters, however, which might work since the Pocket PC is an IRDA device and not really a remote.


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              Another slick solution is NetRemote. It runs on a PocketPC and provides a 2-way interactive link with Girder (running on your CarPC) via a WiFi link. You can design skins, screens, buttons, etc based on Pronto screens (1000's of free screens avail online). I've been using it for about 1 yr to control my HTPC. The demo screen here is using a NetRemote screen.

              Good luck!