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  • MapPoint Embedded Alpha Testing Results

    I started this thred to post all of the results of the awesome embedded skinnable software that was created by SilentAdmirer.

    Quoted from SilentAdmirer Inital Post
    1) auto zoom in at higher speeds.
    2) Voice guidance for the next turn when you are near the turn , the distance depends on your speed. Also if you are using winAmp it will pause it for the guidance and resume again later
    3) Configurable Autorouting feature
    4) Voice commands support:
    "Computer" to get into the listening mode
    and the commands are
    a) Zoom in
    b) zoom out
    c) Guidance off
    d) guidance on
    e) When is the next turn
    f) Reroute
    eg "Computer Guidance off" will switch off the voice guidance
    5) Supports skin

    Presently compiled and tested in W2K
    For testing you will require the following
    OS: win2k/xp with speech engine installed (haven't tested on win98 so not sure)
    Harware : GPS mouse and of couse the carPC
    software: Mappoint 2002"

    If you are a alpha tester please follow the following format with your posts and report all bugs here.

    OS version
    GPS type and brand
    Mappoint Version
    Any other hardware that relates to your post


    Lets keep this thread clean
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    Windows XP SP1
    Duleo Serial GPS
    Mappoint 2004
    Via M10000

    I must preface this post with saying that i have only used this program from work to my house (approx 5 miles with 6 turns spaced farly evenly apart). My experience with the software is very positive. After unpacking and running the program it wasn't hard to figure out the layout and functions of each button. I realized that my gps wan't working so i exited the applications and opened the configuration file and explored. I made the necessary changes (mph/mappoint version/text size/com port number) and restarted the application. I was successfully able to route myself home from work. It gave me very acurate data and correct guidance.

    I wasn't able to test out the voice commands or audiable warnings becasue i don't have a mic in my car yet and my sound system isn't connected to my carputer yet.

    I ran into no major flaws or bugs. It is highly functional as it is

    What i would like to see in the future:

    1. Increased touchscreen support (touch and hold for right click)
    2. There should be graphical Icons that appear when you are close to the next direction that visually tell which way to go
    3. Instead of the config file to edit a graphical interface should be created
    4. I would like to see a compus and MPH data in a nice graphical manner on the screen

    I am so impressed. Keep up the good work. I you want me to beta test let me know

    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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      More testing

      After taking the software out around town (Had to stop by Tacobell and then my Girlfriends house). I found a couple more things that are must haves if this is to be soly used as a guidance solution

      1. Autorecalculate route. If you are off by certain amount it should automaticlly recalculate a new path and then start routing. I could manualy recaulculate but in a driving scenerio having it automatic or ateast having an option to have it automatic is necessary.
      2. A popup screen in the top lefthand corner is also desireable to show an left/right/straight/u turn image. The more i drove with this the more i noticed the need for more robust visual prompts
      3. I did find the miles per hour and longitude/latitude screen but the problem is, when you have the MPH showing it takes away your driving instructions.
      4. Update Time. Updates for the "X meters until Direction instruction" are a bit slow. I am not sure of the reason (my computer/my gps/software) but i was stopped and the numbers were changing. It seemed to be back logged about 3-5 seconds.
      5. On screen location icon is a bit to small and blends in with the map. It should be larger and a more eye catching color. Also the icon showing my heading was back logged about 3-5 seconds

      Keeping mind that 1. and 2. are critical things and 3. 4. and 5. are minor things. There were no critical failures and no crashes and the application was very stable. Not once was there any programming glitch. Now all we have to do is add some more functionality and we have a complete and total SKINNABLE solution.

      I will post updates or edits as new features are tested (Voice prompts and Voice control)
      -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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        1) Auto routing is available in the current version Not tested though.
        In the ini file make AutoRoute = 1 and MaxError enter the error distance (miles or km)
        eg MaxError = 5 is 5 miles if units = 0 or 5 Km if units = 1. so when you are off course by the Maxerror distance it will Reroute.
        2) Presently working on visual prompts.
        3) the display can be toggled . to speed or instruction. And the current speed can also be found by the voice command "Computer what is my current speed"
        4) & 5) will take a look at it. The problem might be in the way I read the data from GPS and process it.
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          I posted this in the original thread, but I'll ask here too: How do you save routes?


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            when you click the tick mark in the settings all the route selected is saved
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            Preview Version at


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              I'm not sure I understand (sorry). I tested a bit ago in that I made a route (from current position to othe location), and in doing that, I click the 'tick' mark to actually add the location to the route list.

              If I close out of the app and go back in (I am doing this in MediaCar) I don't see that route available anymore.

              I'm sure I'm missing something here.

              Thanks for your quick help!