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Software to show activated switchs exist???

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  • Software to show activated switchs exist???

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    Lets try that again without pressing enter 4 time, sorry. I wanted to know if there was software to show when certain thing are being activated from you car. Example of where I want to use are...
    1.Water Injection..Show a message when the computer recieves a signal that water injection is on, another message would come up when the water level sensor for the WI was near empty.

    So basically, What I want is instead of just triggering an LED to tell me something, could I have a program display all these things when the power signal is recieved?? Thanks Guys.


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      Parallel Port FAQ
      This is probably one of the easier choices. There's a lot of info out there about this. It shouldn't be too hard to hook up. You can also use it to trigger things.
      You could have it arm the water injection, then actually control the injection. Although, you obviously already have the control module. Still, allows for a lot of customization. Data Aquisition is sometimes challenging, but very useful in an automotive environment. Simple on/off stuff is fairly easy though.

      Anyway, hope this helps.

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