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Looking for software... Please help!

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  • Looking for software... Please help!

    I'm looking for some software that meet the following criteria:

    * Relatively lightweight (linux or dos f.ex)
    * Can play MP3
    * Can be controlled with 4 buttons (up to 7 CAN probably work)
    * Can display it's output on a 2*16 display (I can probably write the driver myself but it need's to tell the user what it has to on only 2*16 characters)

    I have looked into DAMP [], MPXPLAY, Cajun and IRMP3. But I need more alternatives

    (Yes I have 'd and 'ed )
    Currently missing ATX DCDC power & LCD stuff =)

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    In my project I used MPXPlay for playing the music, then used a seperate front-end program and a tsr to take care of the i/o.

    On my homepage you'll see VCC/VCCTSR mentioned. These are the programs I wrote for my project. I have my music grouped into directories, and was able to handle music selection, using 5 buttons. If you had similar hardware you could use it, but since you don't, it may only be useful as a source for ideas.

    Another one to look at is, MPXT. MPXT's TSR can be configured in a number of ways and supports a variety of LCD displays. MPXT's frontend program can be used to scan the drive and put the music into a database, radically different from the directory-based approach that that I used.

    Some others things to look at:

    Rob Withey's project: He ported MPG123 to DOS, then customized it.



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      MPXPLAY already does what you are asking