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Pro's Con's Price's WinXP vs Win2000?

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  • Pro's Con's Price's WinXP vs Win2000?

    Sorry for such a generic, 'use the search' thread. And I have. But nothing taking price into consideration...

    I'm an old Win98 kid, who is very content with it at home. I'm also a gainfully employeed programmer, which says Im not dumb, but if you don't go find the info I'll never know.

    I have a copy of Win2000 wkstation at home (really old) and could put that on my carPuter. But if XP is only $99.00 at the store I could purchase that an upgrade.

    Is there bottom dollar reasons why I should go XP? Im planning on running Routis 2004, MediaCar, DVD, MP3, Maybe some wardriving apps once I figure it all out....

    Is there a cheaper place to get XP?

    Thanks for the info...
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    XP will load faster and have better PnP operations, however be sure to use the PRO version and not the HOME version.