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A new software in devloppment - NEOCAR

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  • A new software in devloppment - NEOCAR

    Hello @ all !

    I'm pretty new to the English carpc community, but i'm on europeans (french) forums for 2 years.
    I'm from Switzerland and i'm developping a new InCar multimedia player, like coyote's Mediacar, in VB6.
    My software is not finished now, but at this moment the audio module is 100% working.

    By the way, my soft is 100% skinnable. You can select exactly what controls / texts / buttons you want to appear. My program is also requires NO others softwares. It has winamp AVS, but you don't need to install winamp. Same for audio playing.
    The Skin format is in XML, for better readability and skinning possibilities. I have also released a Skin Editor, entirely graphical

    I'm sorry to say you that no english version is out yet. But i'm sure you will be capable to use it.

    At last, i'm very sorry for my bad english. I would't just show you what i'm making in my little Switzerland

    If anyone can make traductions for my app, then contact me and we will see how we can make.

    Here is a list of features (badly traduced from French):

    - 100% autonomous software (not need for Winamp or Windows Player Media)
    - 100% skinnable interface
    - completely free positioning, dimensioning of the buttons and controls
    - 3 independent visualisation modes for each module (example: in the audio module, a click on visualization passes in medium mode, then full)
    - reading of files MP3, WAV, WMA
    - reading of preview album in the filelist (preview.jpg)
    - reading of album description in the filelist (description.txt)
    - ID3Tag version 1 and 2 support, as well as infos of the file
    - Winamp AVS powered, without installation of Winamp.
    - when a file is ending, it passes to the next. When the album is ending, it passes to the next. When the audio folder is at end, it restarts to the first album
    - "Cuesheet" (cue) support. You can virtually subdivide an AUDIO file in several "tracks" while indicating times in the Cuesheet (same name that the AUDIO file). An example of Cuesheet file is in the zip.
    - when you press on the advance in track button , the more you leave pressed, the fast it go forward (or backward)
    - illimited number of presets configurable for the equalizer (file equalizer.xml)
    - unlimited number and type of frequencies skin.xml (of 80 - 16000Hz)

    Here's the download link (only requirements is the VB6 Runtimes and MSXML version 2)

    neocar bin alpha v0462 2004-04-27

    The developpment forum:

    Now, i have finished the VIDEO module, but not released yet to public. I'm finishing the new skin editor and then i will release both sin editor ans neocar with video module full working.

    And here are few screenshots:

    Audio in "normal" mode:

    Audio in "medium" mode:

    Audio in "full" mode:

    First menu:

    Equalizer module:

    Filelist module:

    Another skin to see the skinning possibilities:

    And here's the new skin editor version in developpment (old version is in the zip)
    NS - neocar suite

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    looks good ..

    changing it to english wont be too hard at all..
    just a new skin
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      Yes, it wouldn't be hard, but i absolutely want to finish the basic functions developpement before making it 100% multilanguages.

      The bigger french part is the skin options and structure. But i agree it's easy to understand
      NS - neocar suite


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        I'm fluent in french and english so if you need help with translations feel free to PM me
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          Looks great!!!

          I especially love your approach with the skin editor When do you think you'll have the new version up and running?

          BTW: Your ZIP file is missing the VB6FR.DLL

          I just recognized that you're looking for a special JPG in the MP3 directory as picture for the cover (I'm just guessing... my French... you know .
          Is it possible to change it, so your app uses the first JPG found in this dir.?
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            Ok... let's respond to some questions...

            1. In the french version of my forum, i say to users that my program needs vb6fr.dll and i have the file to download on my site: , by the way, i've just forgotten to say this point here in the english forum

            2. @Zorro: i have allready think at your suggestion (JPG file), but yet i've decided to finish coding the main modules (video and gps) with the basic functions, and later to better making some functions. So i note your suggestion

            At last, i'm very happy to see that you are interesting to my application ! I will take this post updated with fresh news as fast as possible (in 3-4 days i will release the new skin editor and if possible, the first release including the video player)

            Just a question, have you tested the different modules ? Have you found some bugs or suggestions ? I'm very interested in english feedbacks (regarding english versions of windows uses...)

            Thanks at all for your interest
            NS - neocar suite


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              Originally posted by netsuo
              Just a question, have you tested the different modules ? Have you found some bugs or suggestions ? I'm very interested in english feedbacks (regarding english versions of windows uses...)

              Thanks at all for your interest
              I've tried some of the functions... but since I don't understand French I can hardly say when something is wrong

              I would say, it'll be easier once you have the English version done. Keep me on your list
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                I would prefer to see buttons to work, or not to see them at all.
                It does not mean that buttons looks bad though...
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                  Very nice, looks clean and well thought out. Does the DVD play embedded properly? When do you hope to have a version in Anglais?

                  Nice job.
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                    I'm planning to have a version in english.... when i can

                    I'm hardly coding this days so i'm progressing fast... but making neocar and the skin editor is taking time..

                    Past, i've coded a other version of neocar, allready skinnable and full working (video and gps as well) but the code was buggy and very bad developped.

                    So i have restarted from 0.

                    As i said, i have a version ready with video mode. Then i will make the gps module.

                    I'm thinking right now how i can make a fast and easy translation of all program. When i have new i will update this post
                    NS - neocar suite


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                      One way to do easy translation is to have an external file (.xml, etc) that contains all of the strings used in the application with a number associated with each one. Then these strings can be translated to any number of languages by volunteers (Google/babelfish if needed).
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                        yes, this is how i will make (my skin file is already in xml )

                        but i was thinking of the code-part of the translation
                        NS - neocar suite


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                            looks promising, can't wait till I can understand it all
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                              What your've got so far works great, but there is no pause or stop buttons.
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