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Transfer Itunes library with ratings?

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  • Transfer Itunes library with ratings?

    I have a very large, well rated Itunes library on an external harddrive, when I reformated my computer last week I exported all the song information and then reloaded it into itunes. Is their anyway to transfer these ratings (and the itunes library files) to another computer? I am worried that if I use this same technique the Drive letters wont match up (ie, the files are now stored on the E drive with itunes on the c drive, the other computer only has a c drive.) does anyone have any experience with this?
    Thank you

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    i think you have to map the drive in itunes and then import the files i have a lot of mp3 cd's that i burned a long time ago and pot them in itunes they wouldnt play at first till i figured it out

    click on the file button on the top left corner then i think its the 2nd from the top like import the file of the song

    im still working it out but i do like it

    ill look again tonight i just got back from a trade show and i had to use my extra comp that is mp3 only comp for this




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      If you only have 1 HD on a computer, you can create a virtual drive base on a particular folder.
      Look at subst command on windows.
      something like this subst E: C:\YourItuneMusicDir will create drive E with everyting in YourMusicDir and subfolder.
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