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Gapless playback between MP3's in WMP embedded in VB6?

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  • Gapless playback between MP3's in WMP embedded in VB6?

    This may not be the best place to ask this, but I think both me and Froddo could do with the answer to this...

    Basically, if you have a playlist in Windows Media Player (when it's not embedded) then the transition between songs is very small...

    When embedded as a control, there seems to be ~200-300ms latency while a file is loaded - until the playback starts...

    I'm looking to improve this but am out of suggestions... Anyone got any ideas?

    There's two ways I can think about it to make it possible, but they're both ugly.

    1) have two WMP controls embedded in VB, and toggle between them for playback (the stop event on player 1 triggers play on player 2) and try to switch between them on a regular basis.

    2) try to sync the open files display with the WMP playlist via code. I was investigating this, but wasn't able to find a simple way to insert items into the WMP playlist...

    Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, I've started working on my own media player engine. It's at version 0.1 so far, and still *very* alpha. I'll have something more solid by the end of the week hopefully.

    edit: btw, here's a screenie... Still waiting on a reply from the original skins author on permission to use, so it may change drasticly without notice.
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