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  • software with customized input

    Hi to all

    I need a software its can be controlled with a customized input (keypad over rs-232)

    I have try too many software (mediaengine, mediacar,...) and any can be configured with a customed keypad (the mediaengine, it have remote control over rs-232 in 2 comercial products because it not was customizable in this type of comunication)

    I have used the lcdplugin for winamp (markuszender plugin) and it is a very nice, I have a matrix orbital LK-205-25 and all works goodly except the input configuration over rs232, it's too rare

    what software you know that can be controlled goodly with custom input over rs-232?

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    You can probably set up almost any of the programs by using something like Girder to map the keys you press into keystrokes that can be sent to the relevent programs.

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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      I say like Confused.

      get used to girder and you will control anything with any IO device...

      Girder can get your RS232 inputs and emulate mouse action or keyboard on a specific application. Its great for automation.

      how is your keypad made?
      is it something like


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        my keypad input is using the matrix orbital's keypad interface


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          you def can user that with girder. Its been done. Can't help you much as I do not have one, but I know its been done, I've read about it in the forums there.