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Software solution for gLCD-based car-mp3

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  • Software solution for gLCD-based car-mp3

    I am obviously a noob at specialized car-mp3 software, yet I'm not a complete noob at car-PC at all (this one I made for my dad. It runs ordinary M&G Travelbook (and winamp and video players) on ordinary windows - nothing specific about software there)..
    Now I want to make a low-budget mp3-only car-PC. The output should be a graphic LCD (parallel controlled T69... or whatever) and the whole controlling will work with a few significant keys (play, stop etc. as you know from winamp). Those keys will be simplest a kind of selfmade-keyboard based on a normal PS/2 keyboard controller, so the software must interpret a "X" as "play" and so on.. This is technically easier than a serial button-controller and I have much more keys of course..

    So I'm looking for a software solution that has a gLCD-support, a clearly operating (e.g. it always shows a section of the playlist on the display, so I can scroll and select a title easily on the display) and can be controlled by "normal" keystrokes i.e. with normal keyboard letters. A cute visualisation would be fine, too (and additional gadgets like shuffle on/off status shown on display and so on)..

    So my first idea is to use a fast-booting windows (e.g. windows ME) with winamp and a nice plugin that does all the things I want. I actually don't know such one . Maybe you do..
    Of course I'll be grateful for any ideas and suggestions for this software issue...

    greetings from Germany and sorry for my bad English
    I mod. Therefor I own.

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    Markus Zehnder's plugin is exactly what you want. My last mp3 player was just what you described. Winamp on a 20x4 character LCD controlled by a keypad. Works awesome still.