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  • Album Art Grabber

    I just written an Album Art Grabber in Java, intially as a but of practise as i intend to write an embedded car audio player for my final year project as part of my degree next year. As it came out reasonably well, and works i thought i might as well share with all

    Its freeware, just dont go copying it and claiming it as yours
    The webpage should tell you a bit more about it, and a ReadMe is included inside the .zip

    Hope its of any use for people,


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    Thanks Duck
    I'll d/l and give a try when I finished moving, but if it works good, you solve some of my "problems" - I do not want to download the files amually


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      i ran it and it started giving me bull**** 1x1 white images
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        where does it source the album covers from?
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          Did a 'strings' on the file, looks like it uses Amazon's CD search/info (formerly CDNOW's)
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            Trying it now, hope I don't get the above white images.


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              through the wonders of a crappy java compiler.. you can easily decompile java code

                                  URL search = new URL("" + Artist + "%20" + Album + "/");
                                  BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(search.openStream()));
                                  time = 0.0F;
                                  percent = 0;
                                  oldpercent = 0;
                                  String inputLine;
                                  for(int n = 1; (inputLine = in.readLine()) != null && n < 295; n++)
                                      if(oldpercent != percent)
              i used amazon for my art grabber and its a nice system.. but for a art grabber it sucks.. mainly cause you can't include the album name in the search. So thats why it takes so long.. keep up the good work though
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                it fails if your music (like mine is) organized ...

                $artist\$year - $album

                meaning it doesn't recognize the album and doesn't download a picture

                by the way, is there any way to tell if it's done? it's been running for 24 hours now


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                  lol 24 hours? How many mp3s do you have? I have nearly 10k and the album art grabber I use takes less than an hour.


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                    Which software do you use?


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                      right back from the Glastonbury festival so hopefully I can sort a few bugs.
                      Sorry about the 1x1 images aoLhaTer, I *thought* i'd fixed that issue but either i've stupidly not updated the .zip with the latest compilation or it's still there. I'll try and sort it out tomorrow.

                      As earlier noted it uses the European Amazon site, and seems to work alright usually, although it isnt 100% forgiving if your connection drops packets or breaks (more of an issue with java than my app sadly ).

                      For this app to be of any use currently it does need your music to be sorted in an Artist\Album\SongName order, but if I have time i'll build in support for reading ID3 tags, so that should improve the success rate too.

                      Thanks for the feedback so far


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                        if the network drops packets tcp will retransmit them; the java HTTP classes are reliable... If the connection is broken, then you catch the exception, wait a while and retry...

                        There is plenty of example java code that will do this, or if you post the source here I will correct it for you.
                        (Epia M10000/C134) (C137/MII 10000) Liliput /Opus 150W/DVD/512MB/80GB/Hummer H1