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  • Nice system

    It claims to be designed to be switched on once anc never switched off! Yet it runs Win2K!

    Very nice case though, especially for my vehicle.

    I wonder if they would sell me just the case...
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    That's pretty sweet!
    But don't you think that without the specific parts you won't be able to fit all of your stuff in just this one case?
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      Probably, I am just batting ideas around at the moment. They have to have some mini ITX mobo, so Im hoping that I might be able to squeeze a MII 10000 into it. We'll see when the company respond to my questions.

      They are not far from Silicon Valley, so I can have a drive over and chat with them.

      I have used their systems years ago, they were great.
      (Epia M10000/C134) (C137/MII 10000) Liliput /Opus 150W/DVD/512MB/80GB/Hummer H1


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        I wouldn't be suprised if it was quite different from a mini-itx board. We don't seem to see a lot of it on this forum, but those little systems tend to be embedded / PC104 systems. None the less, looks like an interesting option. I really wish the nano-ITX would come out already- it blows all of the little embedded systems of similar size on the market away. If you aren't looking to get your final solution up before the end of the summer h1, you might consider waiting for the nano release.
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          A MII 10000 will definately not fit into this box. The box is 15.9 cm wide, while the mini-itx's are 17 cm x 17 cm.
          Maybe the new nano-itx, its only 12 by 12 cm.
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          Progress: removed while waiting for nano-itx