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99' Silverado Temp Controls

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  • 99' Silverado Temp Controls

    Hey guys i have a good computer background and want to develop some software to control the climate controls in my truck. It is all electronic, I was wondering if anyone knows how the climate control communicates with the truck's computer. If anyone knows anything about this please help, or if you know where i can find this out It would be greatly appreciated.


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    Does it interface with the computer, if so then it should use the GM class 2 data bus. It might be like the S-10's and simply control some motors on the HVAC box.


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      1st need to know if its auto air or manual control. there are ways to see what it is doing , but to take over control is much more. the system uses a "can bus" to talk with any other computer used by the car. you will need to do more research on OBD II web sites, i have found on that has a can bus capiable scaner with a pc interface. foune it in this thread ... hope this gets you in the right direction, i kinda wanted to do the same on my dodge but ended up just relocating them


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        Yeah I'm thinking I might have to do that, going by that link it might be out of my skill range, thanks.


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          where do you live ,i have one and maybe we can set up a time to check this out?


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            The '99 truck climate controls (I'm assuming you're talking about the automatic control) pushbuttons are not communicated over the vehicle bus. The climate control is a "self contained" embedded device and controls the HVAC system itself. It sends AC request, rear defog request, etc. to the engine or body computer and receives vehicle speed, outside temp, coolant temp, etc. from such. Even if the buttons were communicated, it uses GM's Class 2 bus with a proprietary message scheme, so figuring it out is almost impossible (without the product specs themselves).

            I was the HVAC Systems Engineer for Delphi Automotive, the supplier of this control. I didn't work on this specific control, but worked on Buicks and Cadillacs, and they were pretty much all designed the same way.