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Bios Flashing Problems

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  • Bios Flashing Problems

    whenever i try and flash the bios of one of my kiosks, i have serious problems.
    i made a boot disk, boot to dos, then put in another disk with the bios update. then i proceed to type in A: prompt, "phlash kioskst4.rom" which follows the precise directions, anyways, the flash program opens in dos, and gives me an error that says "cannot continue with bios update while memory managers are present, e.g HIMEM." how do i remove these memory managers, and get this bios update working? thanks for the help

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    edit your config.sys and/or autoexec.bat file

    remove the line for the memory manager

    going back years when dos ruled I think you can pretty much "rem" each entry in both these files, the system should boot to the command prompt then

    good luck

    everyone thats into pcs now missed the great learning curve of dos ! who remembers those days and the days of 4 colour screens being hip and hot and 640k of memory was like WOW
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      You could create a startup floppy within XP (you will find an option if you try to format a floppy). The startup disk XP creates is pretty basic and does not include any memory manager (I think )


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        who remembers those days and the days of 4 colour screens being hip and hot and 640k of memory was like WOW
        First monitor I owned was an amber monochrome (I did have 640k though) I remember spending hours playing Castle Wolfenstein on that monitor, glad it was a monochrome game. Hmmm matter of fact I think I have a ROM of that for an Apple IIe emulator around here somewhere.


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          Apple IIe was the ****, that was my first comp. Awesome dual 5.25" floppy drives. Spent hours playing Oregon Trail. I still play Oregon Trail every once in a while with the Apple IIe emulator.
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