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Auto DJ function proposal... opinions?

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  • Auto DJ function proposal... opinions?


    My first post here, be easy on me

    I put a suggestion in to the developers of this site... just wondering what everyone else thought about it. Yea or ne...

    If you are familliar with Musicmatch Jukebox's "Auto DJ" function, then you don't have to read a lot of this post. If you aren't I will explain what it is below. I think a form of this should be integrated into ME. You might want to check out the free version of Musicmatch Jukebox's AutoDJ function. It is much easier to understand.

    The Auto DJ function is a great little tool for creating playlists "on the fly" using the ID3 tags of mp3's. Say I am going to take a 40 minute drive somewhere, and I don't really know who I want to listen to, but I am in the mood for some country music. I would click the "Auto DJ" button. A box comes up asking how long you want the playlist to be. So, I would choose 40 minutes. Next, it will ask for criteria for the playlist. I can choose from: Artist, Album, Year or Genre. In this case, I will choose genre. Reading from the ID3 tags of my mp3's, a listing of every genre I have in my database will come up. I will then be able to check whatever genre I want. In this case, country. I then click "finish", and viola, a 40 minute playlist of nothing but country music. The program will randomly choose files that fit your criteria until the designated time limit is reached.

    I'll give you another example... say you wanted to listen to only Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd songs for some reason. Well, you would load the AutoDJ up, choose your playlist length, choose "Artist", and then check "Led Zepplin" and "Pink Floyd". BAM! It's that easy.

    You can also choose a second and third criteria for your playlist. So, if you wanted to listen to strictly Rock music from 1983, you could choose "Genre" as your first criteria, and "Year" as your second criteria. This is a very flexiable, functional way of doing things.

    Have you ever heard a song come on the radio that you love, but had forgotten about? I love that feeling, and I am sure there are some mp3's in your database that you neglect to listen to for the mere reasoning of forgetfulness. With this method, these mp3's have a much greater chance of being played.

    It is kind of like listening to the radio... only its a station where you can skip songs, and it only plays songs that you are in the mood for.

    I think others on the forum would agree this is a great way of organizing things, so let me hear your opinons.


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    Welcome to the boards ... look at frodoplayer's Smart Playlist feature , from my understandng of how it works you can make it create playlists based off specific criteria like you mentioned( Ex. Genre = Rock Year= 1994 ). The only thing is I do not belive that you can limit it to a specific time limit though, but I May be wrong on that.