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  • Ripping DVD - DIVX

    How can I rip my music dvd's into divx? I want one divx file pr. chapter (song).. All the tutorials I've found explains how to rip the complete movie, but that's not what I want..

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    Take a look at:


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      Forgot to mention it, but I also want it to rip it all-at-once.. Kind of like ripping a cd, where you get 01 - songname , 02 - songname .. There's 30 of my music dvd's that I want to rip, so doing them one track at a time is actually no opinion..


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        I used to do this by hand using a sequence of different programs (dvd to vob, vob to ac3, ac3 to wav etc...) but I found an excellent program called 'DVD Audio Ripper' by ImToo software that does everything at once (and saves individual tracks as well).



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          Looks like DVD Audio Ripper will only rip out the music? I want movie + sound I'm downloading ImTOO DVD Ripper right now, would be really cool if it works out! Thanks for the link!


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            DVDshrink to rip/decrypt/pull out crap, then Dr. Divx to convert to Divx.
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              I use DVDShrink and then Xvid and an encoder.
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