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  • Debian Linux Questions

    Im thinking about using Debian Linux, but hell Red Hat confused the crap out of me. But first things first... I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DOWNLOAD DEBIAN!!!!
    Anyways, before i spend more time in trying to figure out how to download and install the damn thing i would be very appriciated if someone could answere these questions.

    1st. Do I have to have a GUI with Debian for it to run a MP3 Car and a GPS software?
    2nd. Without the GUI, how much faster should it be on a boot time? (I know it varies with PC specs, but leave your specs and let me know a time difference please)
    3rd. Does Debian have a Hibernation mode?
    4th. Is there a MP3 Car software available for Debian that has GPS, DVD, MP3, etc.? (all the stuff a MP3Car guy would want)
    5th. If I don’t have to load a GUI to run MP3Car Software and GPS can I set it to load the MP3Car software automatically on boot. (I want the MP3Car software to have its own GUI basically.)
    If you have any questions about my questions… question me!

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    Simply ...

    1. You don't need a GUI to run an mp3car, as for GPS i'm not sure of what is being developed in that area, search for an answer.

    2. It's not just your specs, its also how you configure your kernel but I have cold booted my EPIA800 in just under 10 seconds to playing a sound.

    3. Why hibernate when you can boot this quick with a little time and patience.

    4. Headunit can do mp3's and dvd's I think and there's also Xcar being developed , both by members in the forums, check the threads for their features but both run on linux ... and yes that means they would work in Debian

    5. With linux you can make it do anything you want it to, part of the reason why I have switched to the dark side of open source.

    Good luck linux can be a bumpy road to begin with but persevere and you will reap the rewards of total customisation.
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      You can find Debian at and uh, don't think it will be easy to install the first time if you do not know what your doing because it will not. 2 Major GUI's for linux are kde and gnome which you can install from debian.


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        Not sure I understand what you mean by GUI( X/framebuffer/XFB ? )
        Basically you will need some sort of graphical device. X can start in 5-6 secs, FB can run from kernel( no load ).
        Not sure if you need Debian or Red Hat, you will need kernel and rootfs though. Everything else can be done through it for faster boot up.
        Take a look at the ISO file for pycar:
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          Im a numb nuts i swear!
          Anyways i decided not to do debian and just learn with redhat first.
          well i figured out how to install software (sorta), but when i run the ./config it tells me error "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH".
          so i got a c compiler from intel and installed it (so easy i wish it was all as easy as that). Then re ran the ./config and it says the same thing. so i tried rebooting and it didnt chang a thing to it.
          Tell me what yall use for a c compiler please!


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            YUP! IM A NUMB NUTS...
            Just figured it out, I forgot to add the developer tools with the install! YUP.. so linux isnt as hard as i though... well debian is, couldnt even get the damn x-window to work right.


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              i love debian. apt-get is the most beautiful thing in the world. if you have broadband I would suggest downloading the netinstall images from debians site...let me get you a link....

              now that will have the base system on the cd and then everything else you download on the fly. so easy. it will contain your device driver modules most likely. the names of them don't always match so before you start trying to install write the name of the network card you have down and google for that + debian install or something if you can't figure out which one to use.

              then just apt-get install <packagename> away!
              tip: apt-cache search <packagename>

              Oh and red hat sucks balls. RPM HELL!!!!
              CarPC install is starting to come along again...