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Instant-On software from InterVideo ?

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  • Instant-On software from InterVideo ?

    I just noticed this on Mobilemag... InterVideo has some linux based software to implement an instant-on funcion on some nec laptops... Anyone know of this software???

    The InterVideo InstantON technology has been added to NEC VERSA S3000 notebook computers. This will give users access DVDs and music instantly, with just a click of a button. After a quick Linux boot up, all CE-type applications will work whenever you need them.

    InterVideo has nothing about InstantON on their website, although the NEC Versa S3000 will still be running Windows XP, the InstantON technology somehow bypasses the bootup of XP. Itís not very clear how this software works, but if it can work on the S3000 it should be able to work on any PC, unless itís a proprietary hardware based system.

    Link to original:

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    It's a bios replacement, with added features.
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