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    Can someone recomend a decent software mixer that has TRUE controls of 5.1 channel's and possibly a eq, and maybe even digital crossovers for the individual channels, or at least bass, midbass, mids, and highs.
    Does something exist? Any info apperciated. Im running some offbrand USB 5.1, buit I bought it becuase it has RL,RR,FL,FR,SUB,CENTER outputs via RCA no stereo headphones. Seems to be working fine, just not enough modifiication of the output for me, I tweeked what I could before I changed MediaEngine to the shell, the bass needs extending, and tighter controls, I could do it at the amp, or at a processor between amps and USB box, but the reason I went to a carputer was for all the control I could get at the source unit.

    Thanks again....
    any ALL comments welcomed.


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    Maybe these can do what you want


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      Shame you don't have an EMU10K compatible sound card (SB Live/Audigy etc), otherwise you could use the kX Project drivers

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        Looked good

        Originally posted by Seth
        They looked good, but on installation and inspection, they Modify the sound coming INTO your pc via line in, modify, then shoot back out the line out.
        Why? I asked the developers why I couldnt modify sound generated on the pc, no answer yet...



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          Confused, could you recomend a external USB, USB powered, 5.1 channels or greater, perferably with Stereo Rears, Stereo Fronts, and Subwoofer output on RCA? And if not, same thing with outputs on seperate stereo mini's (guess I can always buy mini headphone to rca's, thinking of noise entering my system here. At a preout level, noise gets picked up easy on cheap cables, which MOST stereo mini's to rcas are going to be)



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            Nope, sorry, I can't, as I use a SB Audigy in the PCI slot of my Epia M10000.

            Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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              Spent the cnote ($110 american)

              Well, yesturday I started hooking up some more "extras" to my system, got my PCR working fired up though XtremePCR, used the mini-stereo jack out to the mini stereo input on my off brand "USB Audio device" (it uses the sound sonix drivers and control interface" and was UNPLEASANTLY supprised that the input is passed out my usb device "RAW" by the SoundSonix control properties. The control applet has Front Left/Right, Rear Left/Front, Center, and subwoofer gain/controls, as well as 2 speaker, 5 speaker, 6 speaker controls, a Bass "filter" with presets 120hz, 250hz, 400hz bass preset points. Even though none of the available "shells" or winamp eq's could control these settings, at least I could set them and CTRL-ALT-Delete and kiill the shell and readjust them and re-run the shell when I needed to.

              The Input passes through the device, without any of the settings other than "wave/main" audio propertys touching it. SOUNDS flat, and like hell.

              SO on Confussed's comments about the EMU10K compatible sound card (SB Live/Audigy etc) I shelled out the money for a external Blaster Audigy 2 NX usb 24bit (96hz/102 db SNR) sound card.
              I havent hooked it up yet, nor do I really know what the KX Project drivers [confussed recomended ] are but I did manage to read that the SBA2nx is ranked the "****" and is what to get. So now, if someone could redirect me to mixer/crossover/eq software or if confussed would explain further on his experience with KX Project and what he/others might be using, please do.

              With that said, let me ramble on a bit with a comment or two that a newbie might get some thought from.

              I started this project when I thought the Carputer would be cool to add to my audio show car, I figured with XP I could do EVERYTHING on the computer, have presets, complete software audio controls, and Im sure once I get it all ironed out it may still be a possibility, it already causes double takes when I take the time to fire it up and show it off, I designed it with NO head unit, all 6 amps get their input directly from the computer, hindsight 20/20 I think this might have been a mistake, being able to feed a single pair of RCA's into a high quality aftermarket head unit, allowing the head unit to control volume/bass/treble/eq functions, sending it to a line driver, then a 32point eq, and digital crossover then to the amps like it used to be allowed ALOT more control. I will say that "audio" originating from the PC does seem to sound better at a raw level then a indash headunit, but with a truck total 10,000 watts driving almost 20 speakers; (4-1" tweeters set 3300Hz, 4-4" mids set at 220Hz,4-6" mids set at 130Hz,4-8" solobaric subs/Midbass set at 90HZ, and my 4 Team HX2 in 11.5 CUFT, port tunned at 36Hz) all fixed via audiocontrol crossovers, the PC and software I've found, just doesnt compare to old fashioned "High" end car audio controls.

              HAS anyone else out there attempted anything in this "catagory"? Anyone I might be able to talk to, Memphis Audio/Pacesetter SD is a little ****ed at me (partial sponsorship) right now because the 8 grand spend on the "speaker"/"amp" portion of my install was hitting 157 DB at first readings without ANY tweeking at ALL when run by my Pioneer ACIC-N1 and now with the PC I've lost at least 14 DB right of the top. I've dropped out of this years autofest in October so I can get this all straightend out, and cosmetically finished once ALL the compents are decided on. I used to compete and be exployed in the industry, now Im just a amature using his own cash/hands to do limited competition. So stepping back and starting over really ISNT a option until its 100% the only option.

              Since I SOLD my EQ's, Line drivers, my Headunit/dvd changers/navigation addons, (NOT my crossovers, there now back between the USB audio device/Amplifiers) IM still looking for a Headless Install, besides a 8" touchscreen fills my dash now, so any one with any friends "that have been there/done that " or any of your comments, I'd love to hear what your doing. I've already got some input from the "MIDI" guys, I can see that with some of Rolands usb gear and the computer as a "Studio" board on a HOME pc that this IS possible, but this was supposed to be a "car stereo" replacement, not a sound booth, and all the suggestions from those forums are NOT going to work on a MII-10000 type system. To top it all off, I CANT program, so Im stuck looking for "the gracious work" provided by the kick *** coders here, (Frodo, Coyote, CarComp, forgive the PLETHORA of others I didnt mention) and some of the other mods that have helped me along the way, to continue to help me along this path.

              Thanks Guys, looking for some input. How you've done it, what you would do different, etc etc.

              Hope this isn't in the totally wrong thread, but it started from the search for mixer software that worked with my old USB, which by the way, SoundSonix I guess is a generic "type" that many of your ebay "external USB 5.1" may use, so understand before picking one up yourself...



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                this is exactly the kind of info I am also looking for also. I'm interested to see if you find any software that allows for EQ and crossover tweaking.


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                  this thread has been dead for over 2 1/2 years... check here
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                    Originally posted by turbocad6 View Post
                    this thread has been dead for over 2 1/2 years... check here
                    hmmmmmmmmm RIGHT YOU ARE.

                    that thread is great, thanks a ton