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  • Check Out my new Skin

    Hey everyone. I decided I needed a new skin for my car, which is a 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, that should explain why I chose to do the skin the way I did:

    Let me know what you guys think. After a few minor adjustments I'll have it available for download. It's 800*600 and takes up the whole screen, perfect for a touchscreen in my opinion.

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    which player is this for? Sorry I can't seem to figure it out from the context of the post/picture


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      oh wait, lemme guess, straight up windows media player? Can only tell from the pull down list on the side


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        Yeah, it's from windows media player, sorry I forgot to mention that when I posted the pic. The only reason I like WMP over winamp is because it does the auto-sorting and that makes it a hell of a lot easier for me than making tons of playlists.


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          mind if I ask why you're relying on using WMP other than frodoplayer/mediacar/media engine/etc?

          I like the fact that your buttons are HUGE and that it's not complex, but the fonts for that playlist are just too damn small... which is the reason why I love mediaengine. And of course WMP lacks some features, which is what I love about frodoplayer..


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            To be honest with you I never looked into Frodo player, but I use WMP because of the sorting options.