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viva competition: comparative tests!

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  • viva competition: comparative tests!

    Competition seems to be a good thing. There are several programs under way besides the ones we already have: mediacar, frodo, the new frodo (!?!), neocar, voices, aime others?
    I think it is nice and usefull to start a thread were we can put compartive tests of the different programs.
    The should include what criteria you consider important and how to your opinion the differant programs rate on these criteria.

    What do you think? Who has some start comparative tests?
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    There was a list of compared features, but I don't know what happened to it.
    It would be horribly out of date now
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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      Perhaps a comparison would be interesting for features, platforms and such. But a 'competition' won't be too productive IMO. Everybody here has something they need or want for a front end. So, no front end will be 'perfect'.

      Perhaps a poll. Of what features are most preferred. Or a poll to find out how many people use X front end.

      Just my opinion.

      BTW, props go out to all those who are writing these front ends.. even Coyote who has been AWOL now for quite some time. You all have made some great programs for us little people.
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        that would be nice:

        compared features
        Cpu & memory usage

        But the "problem" is that some program are under devellopement so features can change...
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