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Volume is muted 99% of the time

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  • Volume is muted 99% of the time

    This is pretty annoying. This happens almost every time the system comes out of hibernation. My setup: M10000, amp --> david nanone’s N66A --> on-board sound.
    This happens if I turn off my car while Winamp or Mobile Media Center (my player of choice) is playing a song. Computer goes into hibernation. When I turn the car back on – NO SOUND. The song is still playing tho. I found a thread where a guy says that his is muted out of hibernation and he hits the mute button to make it work again. I have to turn the program off ( winamp, mmc, etc) and back on in order to make it play again. Please HELP. I don’t even know where to look for the problem, cuz other than that everything’s fine. Is there a program that will kill the volume as the comp goes in hibernate or standby? Or how about pauses whatever is playing?
    Thanks guys

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    most of these audio-out-of-hibernation problems can be solved from a update of your Audio Drivers. Update your drivers and see if it doesnt fix the problem
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      I have the latest VIA AC97 driver dated 9-1-2004


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        What about your bios?