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Please someone help with RADAITOR Program

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  • Please someone help with RADAITOR Program

    this is the last part and my carpc is complete (except a integrated GPS system->using MS streets and trips... but anyway heres the problem with RADIATOR)...

    I cant get it to work!!

    OK.... Apparently I keep trying the same driver also but get the same effect (cant load Windrvr)....

    I have the (Hauppauge WINTV PVR USB-FM unit) MDL# 43211 REV E123

    It works fine with the software that comes on the disk. but radiator says it cant load the driver when I download and install the bt8x8 plugin.

    SO lets step back here... maybe your expecting me to have done something else and im assuming I didnt need to. So here are my steps (from a fresh system)...


    1) place wintv cdrom in drive.
    2) plug in USB cord.
    3) direct NEWDEVICE FOUND BOX to the cdrom (drivers load)
    4) install application programs (tv & radio) from cdrom (setup program)
    5) install *RADIATOR* (do not start it up yet)
    6) install *bt8x8 plugin*
    7) Start Radiator program (select external driver & bt8x8)
    8) Apply........
    9) ****get unable to load windrvr
    10) **** can not start bt8x8
    11) radiator program locks up have to CNTL+ALT+DEL & stop radiator
    12) email you for HELP!!!!

    so did i miss anysteps...


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    well im going to sell the win tv pvr usb (hauppauge) unit on ebay ( works just not with radiator, well actually just dont know how to get it to work with radiator).]

    and since no one has any ideas, lets try this..

    based on everyones experience, what fm USB unit works great with radiator prefer low cost and maybe a location for purchase.....


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