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  • Best Media player

    Want to conduct a poll here:
    What are you all using for you media player in your carputer? why and what do you like about it and what dont you like about it?
    2002 Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback - Silver.
    IBM Thinkpad T21 800MHz 256Mb RAM 20Gb HD
    Lilliput 7", CoPilot, MediaCar
    Pyramid Super Blue PB442X 300w 4ch Amp
    Creative SB MP3+ USB

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    Media Car all the way
    Likes: In Order of Priority
    Stable, Very stable
    Easy to skin
    Lots of features, but not over loaded
    Widely used (which means easy to get support)

    Dislikes: Only 1
    Can not build a playlist with in the player (but reads MediaPlayer Play lists)
    You can still have something if you have nothing


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      MediaCar is good but it is slower compared to FrodoPlayer.
      Thats because frodoplayer uses a database. Also, I dont use media car because it was real buggy for me. If your files arent properly tagged you will get error messages.

      FrodoPlayer also has a bunch of built-in cool stuff like a file synchronizer, XM radio player, and such.
      Mercedes Benz CLK 430


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        I used MediaCar for a long time, but with no updates to come, what you see is what you get.

        I switched to Frodo and I'm VERY HAPPY!!

        2002 Mustang GT
        xp2200,80gig,GF4MX4400,512ram,7inVGA Touchscreen, Side View Camera w/sound, USB GPS Mouse(computer hidden in LH Rear QP)


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          I want to use frodoPlayer because more function.

          It is an open ?, you have starte, it will be the same if I ask "witch car type do you use"

          Maybe it can be a good idea to make a table for all (media system) se the diffrent thy are...
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            FrodoPlayer.. fur sure!
            very easy skinning.
            lots of cool stuff
            and.. new version upcoming!!


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              frodoplayer, and mediacar. right now i'm with mediacar... as soon as frodo gets it running corectly and such, i'll switch... (and maybe donate...)


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                Frodo Player - BTW! All the way:

                Wideley used
                has not died on its arse like MediaCar,
                Regularly added to thanks to Frodo and his dedication (Caffine!)
                Media Engine was good, but hardly ever gets updated but i here it is coming along now


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                  I'm using NMC... It is still in beta but is very stable, and the most expadable one i've seen...

                  There should be an upcoming release anytime now that will include:
                  - External application support, with OSK, with button to turn on/off the osk (onscreen keyboard)
                  - Ability to call applications from the main menu (like GPS, Camera)
                  - Photo album builtin with transitions
                  - Visualizations builtin
                  - Small Medium Large visual/video modes (allows full screen, medium, or small view with file details for previewing)
                  - Progress indicator for audio/video
                  - Very good setup program, very easy to use, very very professional.

                  I tried Media Engine, Media Car, FrodoPlayer (new version, yes), PyCar, HeadUnit, and for me none of them came within miles of NMC. I'm a bit biased since I am beta-testing, but I only became a tester after I started bugging the author about how I like his software.

                  It is definitely the most "well rounded" frontend I have seen, in my opinion. Give it a try...!

                  There is a forum with a few posts (just starting up) here under Software/Other/NeoCar or you can check the website

                  2005 Range Rover 4.4
                  Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                    Ok.. not too many people gave their comment..
                    5 for Frodo, 2 for Mediacar and 1 for NMC.

                    houray for Frodo!!


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                      I too use Frodoplayer. It loads rather quickly (with over 100 gigs of music) it doesn't try to update the database every time it loads. It even has support for my ATI remote now! The click and hold is taking some getting use to (mostly remembering how many tics for what). I have used mediacar and mediaengine both and much prefer frodoplayer. But as posted earlier it really is a matter of personal preference.
                      2006 Chevy Colorado: VIA M10000 EDEN, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB 2.5" Seagate HDD, USB Slim Slot DVD/RW, Holux GPS, MobileVU 10.4" LCD (touch not working yet), VOOMPC Case (blue), 70W DC-DC supply.


                      • #12
                        currently I use Frodoplayer 1.9 with feb's skinz.

                        It 100% stable NEVER crashed once, honestly. Mediacar would crash at least one per week :-(

                        Looking to use NMC when 0.7 is out. NMC has more feature and the graphics interface is more polished, than any of the others.


                        • #13
                          I still prefer media car, mostly because it uses winamp and this means:
                          1. Zoom/Aspect change on movies
                          2. Milkdrop visualisations (they just kick ***)

                          I wish it would come back from the dead, but as is, it works nice and stable for me on my carpc and thats what matters.


                          • #14
                            An Aussie!

                            Good to hear from an Aussie, Im an Aussie living in the States for the last 3 years, am back home for holdiays in a couple of weeks for a couple of weeks.
                            So Thanks all for the replies - really was helpful, and for now, im gonna stick with Media Car.

                            If only i can find a way to map one of the buttons i dont use to give me the result of "Alt Tab"
                            anyone know how to do this in media car?

                            2002 Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback - Silver.
                            IBM Thinkpad T21 800MHz 256Mb RAM 20Gb HD
                            Lilliput 7", CoPilot, MediaCar
                            Pyramid Super Blue PB442X 300w 4ch Amp
                            Creative SB MP3+ USB