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Have to say it again, this is the coolest Visualization there is

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  • Have to say it again, this is the coolest Visualization there is

    Ok, we have discussed this in Frodoplayer section, but I have become a G-Force LOYALIST. Man this visualization is so sweet. Yes you have to pay for it, but it is worth it. (which is why I posted here) I just tried out their other plugin "Whitecap" and I am udderly blown away. Works with pretty much any player out there (WMP, Winamp, itunes, etc..) so it works with a lot of the car-players (Frodo, etc..)

    Whats wild, is a lot of the whitecap (pics posted below) do the fly-through thing so it is like you are in an imax movie.. so hot!

    I want to leave work just to put this in my car.

    some sweet screenshots (that I took)

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    Your right, pretty awesome !
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      I'll have to give this one a shot, I like.
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        Since when did WhiteCapand GForce become pay for play?

        Thats bull**** the guy who did the source coding for it, the guy who EVERYONE made their vis's from, gave it away....

        Hmmmm seems maybe someone bought the code?

        (All done)
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          no way, Tripex3 is THE best vis. ever.


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            Originally posted by Rireal
            no way, Tripex3 is THE best vis. ever.
            I like tripex3 a lot too.
            GForce would be a LOT better if it didn't have a canadian flag in it
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              Dont rain on the parade but Andy O'Meara who wrote these plugins, is the source of all music visualizations.

              Ask any programmer and they will say, damn thats so easy to do, look at the config files u can make, its a breeeze.

              Though HOW can u morph one config to the next without any obvious tweening? Thats the beauty of these vis's.

              And Andy O'Meara, while not rich because of his work, is well known and respected because he can go anywhere and say yeah, I did that and now everyone else is.

              Respect to O'Meara for putting out a free piece of software that didnt revolutionize music playback, but added a huge grotesquely powerful arm to it.

              GForce and WhiteCap will always be the first, though maybe not forever, the best vis. Only because all others owe it to him.

              NOT ALL VIS's mind you, just the waveform ones. (aka the best)
              (All done)
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                I prefer Tripex3 too!!!
                Much better graphics and fully customisable!!


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                  I just downloaded Tripex and I love it! Don't really want to pay for something that Tripex can do better for free..


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                    is tripex only for Winamp? NO WMP?
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                      Yea... What he said...
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                        As far as I know, Tripex is only for winamp visuals.