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Firewall/Port Blocking - GPRS

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  • Firewall/Port Blocking - GPRS

    I'm looking for a firewall (or similar) that I can use to block all outbound access from a PC by port, such that I can say only Ports 80, 25 etc can be accessed.
    Ideally I'd like different blocking on different network / dialup adapters.

    The reason is that my GPRS service chanrges for some ports but not others. I've been trying a freeware firewall but it doesn't allow port selection, seems to block only by application.


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    Pretty sure the new firewall in XP SP2 can do this, plus you can have different settings for each network adapter
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      I believe it only blocks inbound traffic, no outbound control.


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        TCP/IP Properties, Advanced button, options,, click properties, tick enable TCP/IP filtering and enter only the ports you would like enabling by choosing permit only under the TCP Ports and enter the port numbers.

        Be aware that this will only work in XP or 2000.

        Hope this helps - saves clogging up carpc with unnecessary software :-)


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          Looked promising, but it seems to only be there for the network adapters, not for dial-up adapters such as the Bluetooth connection I'm trying to restrict though. Thanks though, nearly but not quite!


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            Ah k - not using bluetooth yet, and only got LAN on this machine .... will have another think - can't be too difficult to implement.


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              About to try the Sygate free firewall, see if that'll do it.


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                Looks like the Sygate personal firewall will do it, with advanced rules you can block port ranges by individual adapter, still testing it with two NICs but it looks promising, have to try dial-up next.