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    As a self confessed dabbler in programming I seem to start a lot of projects but rarely finish them, the challenge seems to diminish as I get bored. If there are other Delphi coders out there that would like to take over any of this I'd be more than happy to send them my source for them to take to greater glory.

    The bits and pieces I've been dabbling with are...

    Using a GPS component to read GPS and write it out to a log that can then be mapped online to show where you've been, speed etc.

    Ditto but then posting the GPS location every x minutes to a web page for logging in a database so that someone at home can tell where you are.

    To support the above, bringing up a DUN connection for GPRS so that it can tramsmit the location every x minutes via Bluetooth (would also work for any internet connection).

    Any real developers that would like to use any of these bits and pieces and go further let me know and I'll get the (somewhat untidy) code together.


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    I might be interested in some of that code myself. I once wrote an app that uploaded a file to a specified webserver using ftp, so I hope I can do the same here
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