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Software to make template cut-outs

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  • Software to make template cut-outs

    Hey guys,
    I need to make some computer generated templates. I need something where I can assign a length(mm,cm,inches,etc) to a line, circle, ellipse etc so I can print out some life-size templates. This program doesnt have to be fancy like AutoCAD. I just need something to make some simple 2-D templates.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    This is in regards to what exactly?
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      Adobe Illustrator


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          Originally posted by AlienEclipse
          This is in regards to what exactly?
          Its for making a perfect template using the computer so I can just stick it onto the cutting surface and cut away without having to worry about alignment and such. I can use this for all my fabrication from computer cases to screen molding.

          ...I havent used the emachineshop program yet but it looks promising. Anyone have any other programs which I can try out?