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anyone here still using Auto-Play?

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  • anyone here still using Auto-Play?

    i am....

    i love it...
    i like the interface, and when i started this project (about a year ago) i designed my system around the idea of using something like i have specially made pushbuttons instead of a touchscreen in my carpc...

    if anyone can getin touch with magnetik to get the source i have some wonderful ideas for it.
    I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.

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    I've tried. He never responded. Shame.
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      It was Auto-Play that got me into the carputer world. It was pretty amazing for its time, when all we had was Media Engine, which, IMHO, doesnt work too well in an automotive environment, for me at least. Now I've been spoiled by the works of Frodo and Netsuo (and coyote? wherever he may be)

      It seems to me that there have been a number of developers release software, update it a bit, then fall off the face of the earth. The first that comes to mind is Seraph. Anyone know what happened to him?
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        Originally posted by frodobaggins
        I've tried. He never responded. Shame.
        im sure we can bug him on his website, which is up and running but completely different now.

        my idea to change it was this:
        the software IS winamp, only with a carputer interface. winamp is, as we know, a great player. auto-play uses winamp 2.91 to my knowledge, say we were to have auto-play use winamp5. now we have support for streaming radio. we can use plugins to get FM radio support. integrate the ability to play CD's, even BURN cd's (if anyone here is ambitious enough)...

        all in a beautiful, but simple, no frills car interface.

        so should we bug him?
        I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.