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iMobile-Xenarc Navigation Front end in CES

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  • iMobile-Xenarc Navigation Front end in CES

    I went over to the Xenarc booth in the Las Vegas CES show yesterday. They were showing the demo of a very slick front end made for a CarPC with a touch screen display made by a company called iMobilePC.

    I have to say it was GOOD. The front end is fully integrated for Media player, DVD, XM, Web browser and what looked to be a professional class Navigation system.

    The Navigation looked something like the one found on a 2004 Acura-TL with a very good 3-D display and all the other goodies. The guy there did not know whose Map data base they were using. He said it was around $450 retail. I think I will stay with my Frodo Player

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    They've got a site at

    Here's a screenshot. They don't have many pictures.

    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      I paid a "little" less for FP, E-Cig Mods
      "A great smoking alternative"


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        They got a nice gallery of nav systems: will post this in fab section...


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          Looks like They have been doing a lot of research on this forum by the looks of what they are including: OBDII, MUSIC etc.

          Some things i would love to add to my car pc thay have though are:

          The PDA function: Wouldn't it be great if your car could remind you of important meetings, dates, addresses and phone numbers?

          * Fully-Integrated Scheduler and Address Book. Yes, that's right with a click of a button all your personal and business contacts become instant Points-of-Interest on the map so you can navigate to them with just one-click!
          * Scheduled reminders and event alarms. Forget to walk the dog? Pick up the kids? Not with our system. iMobile Executive will keep you inline by reminding you beforehand. Just be careful....this may change your reputation!
          * Synchronizes with Palms and Pocket PC. Dock it - Sync it. It's that easy to import all your contacts, memos, calendar events right from your PDA / organizer to your system.

          Dead reckoning capabilities for unparalleled accuracy. This technology allows the system to continue to deliver guidance even if you lose GPS reception in tunnels or urban areas (FUTURE RELEASE).

          The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) for early warnings to reroute around traffic jams, accidents and construction sites(FUTURE RELEASE).


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            This software was first being developed last year under the name of WinMobil , the sites are the same except the name. I joined the forum to see what it was about but there was not much participation, and the forum has been dead since last febuary. I had asked about their navigation but I don't remeber what was said.
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              They have a lite version for $129 -

              IMobilePC Lite
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                Xenarc has started re-selling the iMobilePC system. There are details and screen shots on their website


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                  Originally posted by whatacar
                  Xenarc has started re-selling the iMobilePC system. There are details and screen shots on their website
                  Looks to me more like advertising an unfinished product. Not that I would, but any links to where you can actually buy it yet? Last I heard there software wasn't gonna be done till spring.
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