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Is there a Dos TSR for ftp serving?

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  • Is there a Dos TSR for ftp serving?

    subject says it all :0)

    i want to run the FTP to transfer/edit files while playing MP3s
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    ummmm I have never tried this one under dos so I dont know if it will work or if it will be a tsr but you could give it a try but it is just an Anonymous ftp server so you cant have user accounts or anything on it. and I have not tried it in dos but from where it is located on the simtel server it looks like it might be I have also heard something about ka9q but I dont have any links or feel like searching for them either for it but I ahve read that it has a ftp server and client built in ?
    I dont know what to tell you except that you should switch to linux (the OS with a C.L.U.E.) now if you had wanted a webserver I could have told you to go F.I.S.H. for one. if you cant get either of the working try poking around the links on or the survpc webpagewell hope that helped


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      There's a commercial product made by Datalight, called "Sockets". I downloaded and installed the demo a while back. It seemed to work ok. It includes ftp and http server software. The ftp server has the option to install it into memory as a tsr. Never got around to trying the http server. The software requires a Dos packet driver for your network card.


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        You can install a client and server for Microsoft Networks under DOS that would do about the same thing. If you're wanting to connect to the box via Windows, that might not be a bad idea.


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          I should clarify the last response. Just the client won't do anything, you need the MS Workgroups for DOS add-on. I assume that because it is so old there will be a bunch of copies floating around the Web, and maybe even MS's website.

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            I just happend to have a copy of Microsoft Network Client for DOS 3.0 sitting around. I uploaded it to my server, so whoever wants it can download it <a href="">here</a>

            For some reason the Datalight Sockets people took down their link to the demo, but using a little interpolation, I found that it is still availible from their site. Here's the link:


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              Well, you have to download some upgrade of Workgroups for DOS to get the server part of it. Workgroups isn't free, but the upgrade is, and it contains all the needed files. Do a search for "DOS networking" and I'm sure something about that will come up.