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Windows Me Scan Disk Removal?

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  • Windows Me Scan Disk Removal?

    I just loaded Windows Me on the car system, and I must say that Im quite impressed with the start up time over Win98 se.
    The only problem Im having is removing the scan disk from the start up. Tweak Ui doesnt want to work with ME.

    Anyone know how?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Goto start-->run and enter 'msconfig'

    Then under the general tab goto advanced and one of those options to check is disable scandisk after bad shutdown.
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      There is a brand new tweak UI,it works with 2K, I don't know if it works with ME. I think it is version 2.33.

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        schrodos, that is exactly it.

        BTW the new TweakUI DOES work with winME, I am using it right now.
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          Thanks guys.


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            what does this new tweakUI do that msconfig don't do ?

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              MSconfig allows you to adjust mostly what programs start up and what hardware gets installed.

              TweakUI is more of a preferences device for windows.

              It allows you the ability to tweak the user interface. I use it to clear histories etc, and to autologon to my network.

              Its free.
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                Where do I get TweakUI?

                Edit: Duh.... I just went and got it at

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