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  • irman.ocx

    Hey !

    Does anyone know much about the irman.ocx that is used in VB apps? I
    downloaded and installed irman.ocx, and played with the sample and it worked
    well. Then just out of the blue, it died (windows says it can't open the
    COMport or the port doesn't exist, check your ports under system) however,
    if I load Winamp (with the UIR plugin) it finds the UIR no worries, and
    works fine??? What would happen for the IRMAN.OCX not to be regognised by
    windows anyomore? I even put it into my own VB app, and it still comes up
    with the same error???

    Any Ideas???


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    sounds like ur bios is still setup up for plug N pray (PNP). Also that VB things does it differently from the way the winamp one does it. U might want to think about writing that rountine in c/c++ and make it into a dll and use that in VB instead.

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      It's ok I sorted it out. I didn't realized I couldn't have two projects open at the same time.

      However, how can you maniplulate the hexcode to something useful?

      I tried this..........

      Private Sub IRMan1_KeyPressed(ByVal Hexcode As String)

      List1.AddItem Hexcode ' this is the original code form the sample

      ' this next bit, is my code that doesn't work..... it just calls 'regardless

      If Hexcode = AC974200 Then
      Call PLAY
      Else if Hexcode = FC17400 Then
      Call STOP
      End If

      End Sub

      But I can't seem to see how the hexcode gets into the listbox. Does anyone
      have any documentation on this? How can you call a subroutine when the
      hexcode equals a certain value? I don't need to change remotes (learning),
      so I thought I could just get the hex value from the listbox and then use an
      If statement to run it when the hexcode equals the remote hex value.
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      "The solution to one problem is only the beginning of another"


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        I may just be guessing here but i belive this will work

        If Hexcode = "AC974200" Then
        Call PLAY
        Else if Hexcode = "FC17400" Then
        Call STOP
        End If

        The reason is your are defining hexcode as a string and you have to treat it like one.

        There are as far is can see two soulotions to your problem, either use variant as datatype, or do some diggin into hexcode convertion.
        I generally make production and office apps, so im not to used to handle hex values ..

        Cenwesi will probertbly be able to tell you more about hexcodes