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Blackwind's keypad plugin v2.0 beta released

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  • Blackwind's keypad plugin v2.0 beta released

    A new beta version of my keypad plugin (car controller, Blackwind’s keypad controller, gen_ccon.dll) has been released. The new version now supports up to 999 macros / playlists. The new macro set is in addition to the old slash macros (so your old slash macros will still work too).

    If you interested in checking it out it can be found at

    (Just so you know the host 8k really sucks, the file is there it's just a matter if 8k can can find it.. you may need to click the link a few extra times.)

    and yes it's still free =)

    Have fun,
    Blackwind ([email protected])

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    You are a god!

    thats exactly what i need! I was actually going to write you to see if you were going to release it, and when.

    Thanks blackwind!


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      I found a bug in 2.0 already, This bug may may have stopped the extended macro's from working correctly. The new 2.01 beta version fixes this. I guess that's why I called this one a beta =)

      Sorry about that,

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        Blackwind, ill be checking out your plugin, I've heard good things from past postings on the board. Having up to 999 playlists would rock, could actually do playlists by band if you wanted to.

        - JustAGuy


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          Blackwind, I love your keypad ctrl, but I noticed 2 things I thought I would share.

          My player loads on boot, and when I load your keypad plugin, as the player resumes, and starts playing, the song it all messed up, I dono how to describe it, but its alljerky, and has interference, if I hit stop, and then play it workes fine. I would say its a problem to take up with the guy that wrote the resumer plugin ( saves track info and state of player every x seconds, and resumes that status when you reboot) but I was using genkeybd ctrl, ( I found it on this site ) and it workes fine with the resumer..... strange.

          the other thing ( and I think this is deffinately the other guys plugin ) I was hoping to be able to use the keypad to ff / rewind when using visuals ( geisis ) or is it guisis, whatever, but when the visual is up, the keys dont work.

          I do like the plugin, I think your dooing a great job, Im not complaining, but thought I would let you know....

          Techonlogy on Wheels


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            First off, thanks to everyone for the positive feed back.

            to gizmomkr,

            I've seen (heard) the jerky-ness on other systems even when no 3rd party plug-ins are present. It happens all the time on my sister’s (pIII 800, win ME, sb live gold) when she has winamp play a song by clicking on the mp3 file in the her explorer. My only thought on this is that winamp is just “thinking” too much and gets messed up. To fix this you could try playing with the priority settings, change the output settings (directx to wave out, buffers etc.) and finally try (and this grasping) changing the order in which the plug-ins load. To do that you’d need to reorder your fat. The easiest way to do a quick fat sort is to delete the plug-ins and then copy them back from a different drive (not just a different folder) in a different order… should work, I think that. Either way I’d chalk this up to winamp rather then either of the plugins.

            As for Geisis.. Some applications & other plug-ins process keys strokes in a way that my plugin won’t intercept. There’s just no quick fix for this, the 2 plugins are just not compatible as of now (ever seen acid spunk?). One of these days I’m going to rewrite the hook but threading has made that such a pain to do. Oh yeah, if you do get any response it’s not coming from my plug-in (hook), it’s coming from Geisis or geisis passing the key to winamp it’s self.

            I really hate it when I can’t help but there’s nothing I can do,


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              Hey thanks for the advice, I went through the registry, and tweaked a couple of things, and played with the window prority setings. It works great now! thanks.

              I figured there was nothing to be done about guiss /whatever net responding to the keystrokes... oh well.

              One other thing I noticed while playing-
              I have dvd, GPS, and TV in my setup, so I use it without winamp alot. I love the shutdown key, and I realized, when winamp is not open the plugin is not running, so I cant shutdown the system. I understand why , and I'm sure its a lot harder to write an app that would run constantly to monitor for the shutdown command... just a thought
              Keep up the good work.
              Techonlogy on Wheels


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                blackwind: i feel ur pain. I also had similar problem with these bloody plugins that takes control of the keyboard. One thing u could do is set focus or control to ur dll handle. That might give u control back.

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                  I went to your site and I was unable to download it.

                  Is there somewhere else I can download it?


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                  [email protected]


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                    I was playing around with web sites over last few days so there’s a good the site was down. Anyway, the plugin can now be found at it's new home...


                    I think it's staying there for a while. I just tested the link a second ago so I know it works (or at least it did).

                    Before anyone wastes any of their time I should mention that I released this one a bit early and there are still some major problems in version 2 beta that need attention. However v1 found on my downloads page works fine and has been toughly tested.


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                      So blackwind how is the new plugin coming... im waiting for the official release so i dont have to deal with bugs.

                      keep up the good work!


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                        Blackwind and gizmomkr,

                        what priority settings?

                        I need to know!

                        current projects


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                          Just a note blackwind - The "0" and "." keys seems to be swapped.

                          For example "." pauses my player.

                          Dodge - I used the optimization saetings, and virtual mem setings under system properties to tweak mine.
                          Techonlogy on Wheels


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                            just wondering what the bugs are in it before i use it. I mean since i wired up the comp to the fuse panel it starts when the car starts and i cant reboot it without shutting of f the car.... (too lazy to install a switch up front) So if it freezes the system im not gonna use... so whats the bugs?


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                              As of 2.02 is only 1 bug that I know of.

                              It's the 0 and Enter keys; the 0 will bring up the “jump to song” window and the Enter will play the highlighted song in the play list window. I'm almost 100% sure this has to do with the lock / disable options. However this bug won’t lock up your system, the plug-in will work even when the jump to windows is open. It’s just annoying if anything.

                              There are also some issues (things I don’t consider bugs but should be addressed) about the plug-in; they are …

                              1) The first one is the macros engine; It doesn’t proof correctly so if a macro is set up incorrectly there’s a change that it will

                              A. Won’t work
                              B. Cause an undesirable effect like a message box or crash.

                              2) Some of the included documentation is incorrect.

                              3) The hook doesn’t steal keystrokes from every application (plug-in) but then again it wasn’t really designed too.

                              4) If you use any MS networking protocal any computers that you connect to will not shut down correctly using the plug-in. You’ll get the old “xxxx is still connected would you like to disconnect them” message box. To avoid this use a TCP/IP protocol for transfers or shutdown the computer you connected with.

                              I guess that means if you test all your macros, keep winamp minimized and you don’t use the keyboard to disable or lock the keys you should be fine. I just put the warning up so people wouldn’t think twice if the beta didn’t fully (or how they expected it to) work for them.

                              Hope that clears things up,

                              Ps. I am activly coding 2.03 right now, expect it by mid next week.