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Winamp and song names

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  • Winamp and song names

    ok i've looked through the options and can't seem to find a way to have the whole song name (some of my classical songs have very long titles cause i have the composers name) does anyone know how to remidy this?

    also is there a way to have winamp automatily put songs in the play list automaticly or do i get the pleasure of doing that myself? thanks


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    Use the mp3 ide tags so that you can have the artist name and the song name seperate. That will work for a lcd display. What do you need the names for? what type of display? Or do you even need them for a display at all? If not then dont bother putting the whole name of artist.

    If you look on the playlist part of the bottom of winamp you can add whole directories, and subdirectoris underthat. I was able to just click on my mp3 folder and get over 500 sub folders of mp3s added to the list. be warned if you have alot of mp3's (like i had 5000) it may take about 40 seconds.



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      do you mean id3?

      no i am not useing a lcd for the car i will one day i'm there any that scroll the name and such like it does on winamp?

      still for the question, (and an added part) how can i have the whole name of the song, artist, and album showing?...i want to be able to use the list on winamp just to scroll to wherever i want and play it. i'm prob. makeing it harder than it is but any sugestions? thanks



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        There are two lables on your MP3s.

        One is the actual filename, that you see when you open up windows explorer for example.

        The other is the ide tag that is written with the MP3data when it is created.

        The Ide tag can have a whole lot of stuff in it...I am sure there is a character limit overall but I don't know what it is.

        There are programs that allow you to edit the tags. You can search on any download site, even the winamp one and find some.

        But Winamp comes with a simple editor. if a song is in your playlist, just right click on the filename and edit away.

        You will have to play with winamp to determine what it will display, but it only displays what is on the tags.

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          If you're just talking about the ID3 tags, the newest version of Winamp (took them long enough) now reads really long ID3 tags. My classical mp3's now are displayed in their full name (including composer).
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            Exactly what i meant Dodge!
            To do exactly what donalson wants you have to go through ide tags. I actualy dont use them at all for my mp3 files. I just have it display the file name. This might not work for classical composers very good. but you can shoten them and still recognize them.

            like just use mozart who needs to know ludwig Van?

            I actualy have the artist name album song number and the song name all in the filename which is all is normaly around 40 charachters, enough for my 40x4 display. but if it does go over or if you just want it to it will scroll the title of the song or whatever you want it to. Its basically all up to you on how you want your files set up.


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              thanks guys,

              i'm downloading the new version right now (i did that yesterday on my soon to be carputer but didn't play w/ it at all) but this should fix it to be perfectly, thanks