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    I've been reading through all the archives about using the CueCat and was wondering what the current status is. I know "jeepwrangler" and "katnip" (sorry if these aren't exactly your usernames) were working on integration into Winamp. I tried to download some of their programs however there online harddrives are no longer public. If anyone has any links, programs, information, or plugins it is highly appreciated.


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    i have their programs here

    hope this is what you need


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        jbravo: I have given up on trying to write true plugin for winamp in vb. I am currently using a vb program I wrote that uses the windows media player control. It does has the same cuecat support as the winamp controler so the code in the previous post is still good. I am having second thoughts about putting the support in future versions of my player because I just don't use it much. I would really like to get an x10 mouse remote for the passangers to pass around but as for me I still love the keypad mounted on my dash. At first it was pretty cool to say that I had all my songs barcodes but now the kids trip over the cord and I have to watch to make sure the seat doesn't slice through it. It does make a great in jeep flashlight though!!!!