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Does it have to do with software?

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  • Does it have to do with software?

    I've just got my hand on a premio pc for my car, its a slimline thats why i got it, its 533 celeron with 64 ram, and a 10 gig, heres my problem
    to turn it on you physically have to push the button but once i do that it plays fine, my question is isnt their some way i cna have the button or the power turned on so when i turn the inverter on the computer boots, it also has that auto shut off thing whne you tell windows to shut off it shuts off with out turning the power off. HELP PLEASE
    thanks in advance

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    Look in your BIOS settings for a setting that says something like 'turn on PC after power loss'.

    Set this option, and then when you power up the inverter, the PC will boot. To turn off the PC, just kill power to the inverter.