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Interesting music format... VQF

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  • Interesting music format... VQF

    I ran across this music format by accident:

    Very interesting. It apparantly has optimal quality at only 96 Kb/s (unlike MP3's 320K). I converted a lot of my MP3s to the format, and am quite satisfied with the quality and file size. The only down side I see is that Winamp doesn't support an ID tag on the VQF files. I don't think, that is...

    Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you all, so you can cram more songs onto your carputer. Enjoy!

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    WARNING: VFQ is a BAD format, that has very little support. Sound quality is sub-par, Compression suckx, and it is a perpiety pos. Just get Audio Galaxy and call it a day.


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      Everything I've read says that VQF is far superior to MP3 and WMA at every bitrate. Your right, it's hardly supported, but who cares if you have a player for it. The real problem with it (so I hear) is that it takes more than 3 times longer to encode.


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        Also check out the Ogg Vorbis format. I've converted some files to it, but probably won't be using it because of the lack of support.


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          My question is, is this VQF or other formats better than MP3 VBR?
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            Bj, I'd suggest you try it out and judge for yourself. Personally, I can't tell any difference between the 192K MP3 and the 96K VQF. Except that the VQF takes less space and doesn't have an ID tag. Theoretically, if you have 160K VBR MP3s, then the quality is less than the 192K CBR MP3s (unless you can't tell the difference, in which case it doesn't matter).

            As for VQF support, if you go to their page, there are a crapload of programs for it, so I'd say that support is really good. I did some searches off Google, and some reports on VQF said that there wasn't a lot of support, but most of the reports are old and outdated IMO.

            Oh yeah, and lifter is right about encoding. When I was encoding my CDs in MP3 format, it was FAST (Celeron [email protected]). I could rip a CD into MP3 format in less than twenty minutes. VQF takes a considerable amount of time (about an hour, sometimes more for a full CD), but is worth it for the ability to cram more songs in.

            And one thing I noticed about converting MP3s to VQF... Screwed up MP3 --> Screwed up VQF. Seems logical, but I was tripping because some of my VQFs had bad quality. I thought it was the format, but then I played the source MP3, and it was the culprit.


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              Let VQF die already.

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                A few problems w/ VQF. I couldnt tell u about quality or anything, i am not an audiophile. But if you plan on encoding to VQF, let me guarantee you it takes a LONG *** time. When i say LONG i mean like 3-4x as long as a MP3. (on my slow comp, thats a lot). Another thing, since VQF is a more complicated compression, it takes a better computer to play them. Those of you running 350mhz MP3 car players won't even notice the difference, but I really doubt my 120mhz/16mb ram car player could handle it (I won't even try)
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                  My experiance with VFQ is that it only runs on the systems that have permission to play that file, like wma. AKA: Must encode on your car box, and if you use you hdd, you lose your music. My advice, use MP3s or if you want somthin better, goto Vorbis.Com and DL the Free MP3 encoder with built in ogg support, and use that. No security issues, soundes better, and encodes fast, and FBR by defult. (Can't SBR Excode) get the WinAmp plug in, and call it a dat.


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                    Man I'm glad there is still a place on the internet that talks about vqf ! is long gone and so are the once great forums of where we had these heated discussions with kmadsen and cie in 1998/1999 !