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What you guys using for encoding/normalizing?

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  • What you guys using for encoding/normalizing?

    Just wund'rin what you guys are using to encode these days? Also, what's good for normalizing?
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    Audio catalyst
    best software out there.


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      Rip: Audio Grabber 1.80
      Encode: Lame.mp3 (best quality, best accuracy, best reproduction)
      Normalization: Sound Forge 4.5 (very accurate). Audio Grabber has a problem with Normalization--not very accurate.
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        Ugh, AudioCatalyst.. Xing. Bleh

        I'm using Exact Audio Copy and Lame. I don't do any normalization. -
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          Same thing - Exact Audio Copy and Lame. Kinda hard to set up, but once you get it going it does a very good job.