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    I remember a post a long time ago for a program that automatically synchronizes files between two computers in selected directories. Can anyone refresh my memory on the name of this software?

    The idea is: turn on the car...the computer starts...runs this software which connects to the computer in the house via wireless network. Then if there are new files in the mp3 directories in the house, the carputer downloads them to the mirror directories on its hd.

    Then, I need a program that will create a playlist that contains all the songs in a specified directory and repeat this for all the mp3 directories.

    Also, it'd be nice if the software created a playlist that contained the 20 newest songs on the computer.

    This most important aspect to this is that the process is completely automated and occurs in the background.

    Please let me know if you have seen a program that can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Filesync is the program everyone uses to transfer files. I don't know about automation, but it could probably be set up to do it.


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      Filesync can be set up to do it automatically.
      Its kind of a pain to have it set that way though, cuz sometimes I dont want all the files to be updated, some mp3s just arent for the car. (ie classical)
      but to each their own..


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        Ok i found a bunch of "file mirroring" software titles.

        But no one has suggested any programs for the automatic playlisting. It seems like it should be a pretty easy thing to do....someone must have written it already.


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          In this crazy world of Windows, here we have a problem solved by good 'ol DOS. I use a batch file that automatically detects changes in my MP3 files (new ones, replacements, etc.) and rebuilds my playlists to include/exclude/whatever the changes. When it rebuilds the list, it sorts all the files alpha by artist (my MP3's are arranged in sub-directories). If anyone is interrested, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you the batch file. All I ask is that you remember where you got it from since batch files can't be copyrighted, sigh.
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            I use filesync myself as I have a wireless setup between my car and my home PC. I don't do it automatically, I just have it linked to a button on my remote (as I don't have a TFT) so I can run it when I know I have new tunes.

            After the sync I hit another button which runs a simple batch file (in windows) that creates a playlist of my new mp3's and places it in my playlist folder. (It's on my site under software if you're interested.)

            The files that I sync are placed in a certain folder on my home PC and the same folder on my carputer.

            Seems to work pretty well. I can sync at the bottom of my block.
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              To accomplish something like this, I setup PC Anywhere for DOS so that when i want to update the player, i plug in a CAT-5 cable, and fire up the machine, on boot it asks if i want playback or network. On network, it loads up IPX and PCA, then waits. Inside house I can use PCA to get in and send files or update files, etc.. then its set so that once I log out from in the house, the player reboots, then looks for a file to exist (created after "network" is selected) and if it exists, it rebuilds the playlists, then starts playback. It has some kinks to iron out, like when playback starts after rebuilding the playlist, MPXPLAY gives a general protection fault. (anyone know why this happens?)