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  • mp3 share over LAN

    Not car related.... I was wondering if anyone had or know of any software that allows you to create a playable database of multiple network drives. We want to link everyone up in my department to share MP3s to stream. We have a PC with 20 plus gigs of scsi drives that we cureently use but we plan to copy what we want locally and create shared drives so we can free up some server space.

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    Map the drives which hold the mp3's

    You will get something like E-drive on 'Basement Computer'

    For the database system...
    Maybe you could use Musicmatch Jukebox.
    This program contains a library where you put in all of your mp3's.

    You can fill the database manually by selecting a drive and its directory..

    When you've spreaded your mp3's along several harddisks on several machines.
    You are going to fill the database by just putting in all files from the disks on the network..

    Maybe not the ideal software to use, but I know it works, and you are able to select the songs from the database which you want to play...

    I hope this helps you out !

    Raas - The Netherlands
    ME: VIA epia m10000, lilliput 7', opus 150w, 80gb<br>
    GF: IBM Thinkpad 380, ext. 3.5 80gb, 40x4, PB-IR


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      Haven't tried it myself, but this software called Riffshare does exactly what you are looking for - it allows LAN users to share MP3s stored on their local hard drives. Hope this helps.



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        There's a free plugin on that allows many users in a workgroup to share on one big communicative mp3 drive. Looked cool, haven't tried it.


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          Ah, here it is, just as I remember.

          Should be perfect for you